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River and Marsh



Lake and Beach


The new splash pad and waterworks section of Doty Park will add a much needed play and cooling off activity throughout the year. Inspired by the South Carolina Low Country’s natural and man-made ecology of winding rivers and marshes, lake basins and beaches, and piers and boardwalks, the splash pad will be as much an educational water park as a playground.


The interactive winding river and marsh section challenges children to direct water through movable locks and diverters. The waterworks area features a water tower with a bridge to the adjacent playground, an Archimedes screw pump, water wheel, and other working tools to teach physics concepts and how water is used for hydropower and transportation. The main basin, defined by a boardwalk and stepped seating, features timed water jets and playful  water cannons. In the evening, the water jets are illuminated by colorful lights creating a water show for parkgoers.

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