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The family of this 1930-era charming, but very undersized home wanted a new, larger and modern house for their growing family, yet they didn’t want to disrupt the historical streetscape fabric the house was part of. The design solution left the facade intact, but entirely removed the innards of the townhouse down to its outer brick shell and re-built a new house, rising out from its original historical walls.


As the house expanded to three levels, a central organizing element in the form of an open stair was introduced to connect and unify all the living spaces. Like a "corkscrew," the open stair pierces the middle of the house carrying sunlight down to interior areas from its clerestory windows at the top. The strong vertical connection, together with a flexible and modern open floor plan promotes a sense of connectedness while still maintaining clear hierarchies and definition of spaces and functions.


Creature comforts, like radiant in-floor heating, an energy efficient super-insulated building envelope, an entertainment kitchen, a backyard deck and fully usable roof decks, provide comfortable family living in a busy urban setting.

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