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The full gut renovation and penthouse addition to this century-old home solved the age-old problem inherent to all attached townhouses — what to do with the dark, windowless middle. Inspired by the idea of a periscope, the design uses an open, double-height central space to reach up above the roof to catch and bring natural light and air down to the center of the house. In the summer, the operable windows help to exhaust warm air and catch prevailing breezes; and in the winter, the south-facing glass acts as a greenhouse to build up warmth from the sun.


The two floors and the roof deck are connected by a sculptural, central stair with concealed closets and office storage. With the bedrooms lifted up and out of the way in the penthouse addition, the main living floor is designed as an open loft space, but with areas defined for living, dining, a library, office area, and kitchen. A custom steel balcony with a glass roof and screened enclosure provides a private backyard "tree house" protected by mature trees. And for open sky enjoyment, the upper roof deck offers sweeping views of Brooklyn as well as rooftop planter gardening.

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